L’Union Alsacienne launches its soccer team Sunday 2 Dec

ballon de footThe team SR COLMAR ALSACE will take part to its first official soccer turnament in New York this sunday at the RIVER PARK (Queens along the East river 100 meters North of the Queensborogh bridge)  with the Long Island City YMCA (LIC YMCA).  The team of L’Union Alsacienne of New York will have its first 6-aside game Sunday 2 Dec at 10:45 AM against Eastsider FC,  in the context of a turnament benefiting victims of the Sandy Hurricane. The turnament is sponsored by the NY Cosmos from manager CANTONA!!

This Sunday players include Aurelien Buffler (Drusenheim), Peter Jacob Hammer (Strasbourg), Alexandre Maurel (Colmar), Cedric Meyer, Arnaud Mosser, David Markson (Colmar), Lionel Scharly (Pfettisheim), Sinan Serdaroglu (Strasbourg), and Thierry Kranzer. The team got a set of shirts from the SR COLMAR (·3rd national French league).

For coming games the roster of L’Union Alsacienne Team also includes, Matthias Peter (Schiltigheim),  Pierre Weinstein (Alsace bossue), David Bonnerot (Strasbourg), Florian Nguyen (Kingersheim), Alexandre Quantin (former RC Strasbourg player) and Andrew Giacalone.

If you want to join the team, please  contact Sinan @ ssinan.usa@gmail.com, focal point of SR COLMAR ALSACE

the 6v6 (5 players plus a goalie) game (10 player max roster) will be played in 2×13 minute with a 4 minute halftime period for every game leading up to the Final which will be two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime

Bracket breakdown & game schedule

Bracket A  : 1.NY Cosmos (La Banda) – 2.Stade Brestois -3.Spartaz 4.Angelos’s Greeks – 5.Club L.I.C

 Bracket B : 1.NY Cosmos (Borough Boys) – 2.Eastsiders F.C. – 3.SR Colmar Alsace – 4.Barcelona -5.I-Team F.C

 Bracket A 9am-9:30: (5)Club L.I.C vs (4)Angelos’s Greeks (winner plays NY Cosmos (La Banda) in the quarter final)

Bracket B 9:35-10:05: (5)I-Team F.C. vs (4) Barcelona (winner plays NY Cosmos (Borough Boys) in the quarter final)

Bracket A 10:10-10:40: (2)Stade Brestois vs (3)Spartaz (quarter final)

Bracket B 10:45-11:15: (2)Eastsiders F.C. vs (3) SR Colmar Alsace (quarter final)

Bracket A 11:20-11:50: 4 or 5 vs 1 (Cosmos: La Banda) (quarter final)

Bracket B 11:55-12:25pm: 4 or 5 vs 1 (Cosmos: Borough Boys) (quarterfinal)

Bracket A 12:30-1:00 : 4 or 5 or 1 vs 2 or 3 (semifinal)- Bracket B 1:05-1:35: 4 or 5 or 1 vs 2 or 3 (semifinal)-
2:05-3:05: Final between winners of Bracket A & B

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